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ScanDoc® J2534 Diagnostic Interface

ScanDoc Compact J2534 (ScanDoc Compact J2534) is a wireless diagnostic adapter for working with third-party software using the universal J2534 protocol.

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Adapter J2534

PassThru J2534 Standard Description

This is the standard that defines the communication protocol between the diagnostic program and the diagnostic interface (adapter). If the program and adapter claims support for the J2534 standard, then they can work together. This makes it possible for the service station to have one diagnostic interface for diagnosing and programming cars of different concerns.

The diagnostic interface must be certified by each vehicle manufacturer. Some manufacturers allow their diagnostic programs to work with non-certified diagnostic interfaces, but then they do not take responsibility for possible problems when working with this adapter.

General use

To work, you will need a Windows computer, a J2534 adapter and Internet access to access manufacturers' websites and receive computer software updates.

Programs that have been tested with ScanDoc Compact J2534

Car brand Link to software and information
AUDI www.erwin.audi.com
BMW www.aos. bmwgroup.com
LEXUS www.lexus-tech.eu
www.techinfo. toyota.com
MERCEDES-BENZ www.startekinfo.com
SEAT www.erwin.seat.com
SMART www.gsp-ti-shop.de
TOYOTA www.toyota-tech.eu
www.techinfo. toyota.com
VOLKSWAGEN www.erwin. volkswagen.de
VOLVO www.volvotechinfo .com

Please note that the ScanDoc adapter implements the J2534 protocol according to the standards of this protocol, however, software manufacturers can add new functions, therefore support for all the functions of this software is not guaranteed.


ScanDoc Compact car scanner in a case
ScanDoc Compact Car Scanner with USB Flash Drive
ScanDoc Compact Car Scanner with Strap
ScanDoc Compact Car Scanner Size

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Documentation and Schematic for ScanDoc Compact J2534 Scanner

Documentation and Schematic for ScanDoc Compact J2534 Scanner

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